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Excel Electric, Inc. has partnered with SafeTight Security on projects for decades. Their help & expertise in security, access control, video surveillance and fire alarm systems have assisted us in completing many successful projects.

– Justin Roelofs, Excel Electric, Inc.

Experience SafeTight Security's Complete Eco-System Canopy

  • Keypads

    Our alarm systems are controlled using alphanumeric keypads, available in standard, fire-rated (can be integrated with some fire systems) and wireless versions. All keypads have internal sirens and can be programmed with quick keys for panic or emergencies.

  • Motion Detectors

    We offer motion detectors with ranges up to 250 feet! Our detectors sense both motion and temperature, reducing false alarms from environmental factors. We also offer photo-beam detectors and PIR “Pet Immune” detectors that register animals up to 100lbs, perfect for a warehouse or manufacturing facility that birds and small animals can enter.

  • Panic Buttons

    Depending on your needs and the layout of your facility, we can equip your system with “on person” or “under the table” mounted panic buttons to help keep your employees and customers safe

  • Cellular Communication

    We no longer use antiquated landlines for alarm notifications unless it’s absolutely necessary. Instead, we use the LTE cellular/internet AlarmNet communications network for alarm notifications.

  • Glassbreak Sensors

    Does your business have a lot of windows, particularly ones that face areas of high foot traffic? Glassbreak sensors might be good option for your space. The sound of shattering glass has a distinct frequency that the sensors detect, providing more security and reducing the chance of false alarms.

  • Door Contacts

    Door Contact Sensors are a crucial piece to every security system, as they tell your security system whether a door or window to your home is open or closed. Here at EPS, we offer top-of-the-line Honeywell Door and Window Contact Sensors, so you know that your home is always secure.

Why choose EPS for your Security System?

All of our technicians are Brivo certified. From design to installation everything is done to the manufactures specifications guaranteeing quality from start to finish.

Each system is designed to your specific needs. A design expert walks your premises with you to discuss your needs and explain any potential security risks. Giving security solutions tailored to your specific needs.

With over 20 years of experience training technicians and serving clients in the greater Bay Area, you can be assured that your installation or service will be done right.

With our SafeTight Service Shield (3XS) you have an industry leading service plan and product guarantee that provides 24-48 hour response times.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with what is going on in your business 24/7. With our complete security eco-system and Total Connect service, you can control your security system, manage automation devices, and receive real-time alerts on your PC, tablet, or smartphone!

How exactly does a partnership with SafeTight Security get started?

For over 70 years, we have been helping organizations throughout Michigan protect their products, employees, and customers. Our processes have been tested thousands of times on thousands of different business, so when we say you can rely on our structured plan of engagement, we mean it.

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